Napping on the Internet

Oh, what a difference a week makes. It was only last Friday that I was sitting at my computer taking baby steps with my new web address, studiously following the directions on how to set up my domain name and hosting service. Fast forward seven days and here I am, barreling towards full blown internet literacy, practically an expert on all sorts of hip internet applications, and able to chat knowledgably about "gadgets" and "widgets" with friends and strangers alike. I never knew it would come to this, honestly, so I owe many thanks to the people who thoughtfully blog about helpful things like how to set up your domain name and add "facebook share" icons to sidebars. Thank you also to our friend, Tom, who suggested I get a little more internet savvy in the first place.

In any event, there are two new cool ways you can follow The Naptime Chef. First, I am on Twitter, and plan to update my Tweets daily with my Naptime Chef-ing and foodie adventures. If you want you can join the following click here or go to this address: http://twitter.com/TheNaptimeChef. Secondly, I have been remiss in mentioning the wonderful Facebook fan page my friend Katie set up for this site click here or type "The Naptime Chef" into your Facebook search browser and join as a fan.

I promise to do my utmost to keep these pages up to date. Thanks to my new Blackberry apps (I know, impressive lingo I'm using, right?!) I think I will have no problem doing so. And, if you are like I was a week ago, unsure on how to use these programs, don't worry it really isn't hard to figure out. Drop me a note and I can direct you to some helpful "how to" articles I found and you'll be up and running in no time. Have a great weekend!

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