Napping with Cookie

Even before I was pregnant I subscribed to Cookie Magazine. It was not because I was yearning for children so badly, it was that I loved the articles and cool fashion advice. I also liked the food pages, even though the recipes were meant for "family cooking" I would make many of the dishes for just the two of us! Of course, now that there are three of us I enjoy Cookie even more. The content is fresh, the writing is hip and the advice is pitch perfect, giving me everything I need to know about how to complete my image of the fun urban mommy. You can imagine my gratitude when, after being a loyal reader for many years, I discovered that Cookie likes me, too. So much so that they put a little tidbit about Tuesday's post on their blog today (click here). On that note, thanks to everyone for their support of this website so far - let's raise a glass of wine to a great start and many more Cookie's to come.

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