Napping with Strawberry Soup

When I was little my grandmother once served my strawberry soup. I don't remember when or where she made it for me, but I will never forget it's smooth creamy taste that was neither too sweet, nor tart. When it came time for my cold soup challenge with Cheryl Tan of A Tiger in the Kitchen I initially tried my avocado soup recipe, and it was a disaster. Then, I realized, instead of torturing myself trying to rework an imperfect recipe (which had once been perfect), why not have fun with an old favorite?! I quickly ditched the avocado idea and started over with strawberries.

Luckily, I am still able to find strawberries at the farmers market so I was pleased to use sun-ripened local organic fruit. Though, I know a container of Dricoll's would work just as well. I was thrilled when my recipe adaptation worked beautifully. This soup is subtly sweet with a cool creamy finish. In many ways in mimics a strawberry smoothie, but it is has a silkier finish and more refined flavor then what I usually make for a post-workout treat. I find this soup very refreshing to enjoy on these warm end-of-summer days and I hope you do, too. I should also mention that this soup is completely child-friendly, my daughter couldn't get enough of it.

Summertime Strawberry Soup

1 lb. fresh strawberries, washed and hulled

Juice of one lemon

2 t. sugar

1 c. plain Greek yogurt, well-stirred
Fresh mint for garnish

1. Wash and dry strawberries, hull the fruit.

2. Place all ingredients in a bowl and, using a hand immersion blender, process until smooth. Alternatively, you can use a food processor.

3. Pour into soup bowls and garnish with sprigs of fresh mint.


  1. This sounds so easy and delicious -- and looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing...I'm all for recipes that bring back memories of grandmothers and their cooking. Can't wait to get back to NYC (where strawberries are affordable, compared to Singapore!) and try this...

  2. Strawberries in any form are super-delicious! So glad you went with this although you've got me curious now about the avocado soup...

  3. oh this is great and so simple my daughter loves Strawberries

  4. First of all, NICE pic! And I am crazy for strawberries and this looks divine!

  5. My sons made fresh whipped cream last night to have with fresh berries...It is fun to see kids of all ages enjoy good food!
    Happy Labor day!

  6. This is interesting, I've never had strawberries like this!

  7. Strawberry soap, sounds and looks great!

  8. I would love a bowl of this, I'm a big fan of strawberries and your strawberry soup is so good - wish I had a spoon!