The Kitchn, my guest post

Hi! Just thought you all might like my holiday guest post on The Kitchn today. Sara-Kate and her team run one of my favorite food websites around and it was an honor to contribute. Everyone be sure to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, they share a wealth of tips and great recipes all year long!


  1. Hi...love the post at the Kitchn and I'm having fun perusing your blog. Question please...where did you find the decorative ball/mason jar lid? While it is too late for this Christmas, I'd love to buy some for next year. Thanks in advance for your reply. Merry Christmas!


  2. Hi Rosie,

    I found the lids very randomly at a craft store! I haven't seen them since, but these are very similar and can be found amazon - cheap. They are such a nice way to dress up jars! Merry Christmas! http://www.amazon.com/Bernardin-Collection-Elite-Mason-Screw/dp/B000H6HFAU/ref=pd_bxgy_k_img_c