Babble Strawberry Love and Mini-Update

I know you all see the button to the right indicating my blog on Babble's The Family Kitchen, but I want to tell you a little more about it as well. I write a daily column for Babble about loads of great family and food related things that I think you would all really enjoy. From here on out I am going to give you mini-updates during the week on my Babble posts. I also include these in my weekly newsletter, if you are interested in receiving that. Enjoy!

- Strawberry Season 101: Picking, Freezing, Preserving and More!: A play-by-play on how I preserve one of summer's most precious fruits (while my daughter is napping, of course).
- Simple Syrup for Simply Everything: The uses for simple syrup are practically endless. Here are some of my favorite uses and ideas for flavoring this simple sweetener.


  1. Kelsey - I really like the The Family Kitchen. There are so many great contributors! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. I just found you through a link on "Dinner: A Love Story" because I was looking for ways to use the berries my husband and daughters picked yesterday at Jones Family Farm! I almost fell off my seat when I saw the photo of the Jones box/basket that looks just like ours! Can't wait to come back and read more, after we take care of those last few berries!

  3. @Jennifer - yes, we went to Jones Family Farm! I am putting a video up tomorrow of us picking there and the dessert I made last week, too! Maybe someday we'll bump into each other. Next up - bluberries!