Babble Weekly Round-up

Happy July! I was in Fourth of July mode with my posts this week. Hopefully a few of things below will help you with your cooking this weekend! 

1. Hot New Grocery Website: Food on the Table - a great site featuring meal planning tips, coupons and printable shopping lists that is free to join!
2. How to Cut a Watermelon: Stymied by the best way to carving this round summer fruit? Here is my method.
3. Vegetable Quiche Webisode: More ways to use up your farmer's market vegetables!
4. Red White and Blue Stuffed Strawberries: A fruity sweet treat that is perfectly in the spirit for the Fourth!
5. Family Kitchen Fourth of July Menus: Great menu ideas from the awesome Family Kitchen columnists!


  1. I just found your blog through Babble and cannot stop reading. I love love your blog. I would love to have you as a "Monday Maven" feature on mine! Email me when you get a chance! inevergrewup@gmail.com

  2. Thanks for featuring us! We're so happy to be included in the weekly roundup!